2019/11: Cycling from Tok to Cathedral Creek

  Stage 2019/11 [A073]

Tok - Tanacross - Dot Lake - Cathedral Creek  (Alaska Highway)

25 mi / 40 km
130 Hm (garmin edge 1000)







Cycling Whitehorse, Yukon to Anchorage, Alaska via Dawson City.

Stage from Tok to Cathedral Creek following the Alaska Highway.

One of the most epic cycling routes of the world.

Cycling Alaska Highway.
In Tok we fill up our food supply and get ready for the northern section of the Alaska Highway. A look at the map shows that the Alaska Highway from Dawson Creek to Delta Junction has an east-west orientation. Nevertheless, regarding the direction of travel the locals speak of travelling from the north and south. In the logic of the locals, we cycling north.      
Cycling Aaska Highway northbound.
The Alaska Highway between Tok and the northern end at Delta Junction runs straight ahead in sections. And when I say straight ahead I really mean straight ahead: the road runs straight for over 20 km / 12 mi. No bend, no corner, nothing. You look at the same horizon for ages and it does not realy came any closer.  
Cycling Alaska Highway northbound.
In order to bring a little change to our day, we switch back and forth between the existing off-road bike path and the actual highway. At least, this works close to Tok. The road is a bit more comfortable than the bike path because the road is a little more elevated allowing you to look a little further.   
Alaska Highway by bicycle.
The scenery to the left and right of the highway is completely different than the one we experienced on the Top of the world Highway. But here too you can feel the vastness of the never ending landscape. The view of the mountains is beautiful, the course of the road is visible to the horizon.   
Cycling the Alaska Highway northbound to Delta Junction.
Near Tanacross, the Alaska Highway has a slight bend, which feels good because now there is something you can finally cycle towards. Unlike the horizont, the bend actually comes closer while cycling.        
Cycling the Alaska Highway northbound to Delta Junction
After the efforts of the past few days, we are taking a short stage today. After only 25 mi / 40 km we arrive at Cathedral Creek and call it a day. We enjoy the rest of the day sitting in the sun, looking at the landscape and listen to the calm that lies over the scenery in the evening.