2013/16: Cycling from Petrolia to Myers Flat

  Stage 2013/16 [A016]
Petrolia - Mattole Road - Bull Creek Flats Road - Avenue of the Giants - Myers Flat
39 mi / 63 km
1047 m (garmin etrex)



Mit dem Fahrrad von Petrolia nach Myers Flat entlang der Avenue of the Giants. Radtour Pazifikküste Vancouver - San Francisco

Cycling from Vancouver to San Francisco following the Pacific Coastline.  

Stage from Petrolia to Myers Flat cycling the Mattole Road.

One of the most epic cycling tours of the world.


Another steep rise waiting for us today, so we set off early. The first kilometers to Honeydew are a rather pleasant ride even if the road is not completely asphalted.

There is a small shop in Honeydew where we buy our today’s supplies. On the right next to the shop there is a single-lane bridge with a lane from wooden planks leading to the Mattole River. Behind the bridge, our today’s rise starts: Mattole Road leads up to a height of 840 m in serpentines. The rise is rather steep with a gradient of 5-9 % and we are glad that we don’t have to cycle up in the afternoon sun.

On our way, we are being watched by a deer.

In the upper area, the rise decreases significantly.

Due to the remoteness of the Lost Coast and the extremely steep access roads, there is hardly any traffic on the road.

We have a great view of the coastal mountains from the highest point.

We have a great view of the coastal mountains from the highest point

. . . at the narrow serpentines.

On the eastern side of the mountain, before we reach the Eel River, the road leads through Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

In this area of the park, there are hardly any visitors and we have the forest with its huge trees for ourselves.

The tree in the background has a breadth of 12.8 m and a height of 110 m.

We hide the bikes behind a tree (after all there is sufficient space) and take a short hike through the Redwoods. The size of the trees is impressive.

We follow the Bull Creek Flats Road up to the Eel River and turn south on the Avenue of the Giants. Also here there are many Redwoods to admire. Although the road leads parallel to the Redwood Highway 101, there is quite a lot of traffic on the Avenue of the Giants..

Unfortunately, our stage Myers Flats has nothing much to offer except for an unscrupulously overpriced hotel. Not even a restaurant. We buy a couple of sandwiches in a small supermarket and eat on the bench in front of our hotel room. Even if you don’t see it right away in the photo: We are sitting on the second floor.