2013/19: Cycling from Point Arena to Bodega Bay

  Stage 2013/19 [A019]
Point Arena - Anchor Bay - Gualala - Timber Cove - Fort Ross - Bodega Bay
65 mi / 104 km
1407 m (garmin etrex)



Cycling from Point Arena to Bodega Bay. Pacific coast Vancouver - San Francisco on a bicycle

Cycling from Vancouver to San Francisco following the Pacific Coastline.  

Stage from Point Arena to Bodega Bay.

Roberta and John from dogdanders.com
The breakfast at our hotel starts at 7 am. We meet only cyclists at this early hour, which is really surprising! Here we also meet Roberta and John who also cycle to the south. Very pleasant travel mates we will meet more frequently during the next days.

Since the hotel is outside of Point Arena at the harbor, we must first of all struggle through the dense fog back to Highway 1.

Even today there are dense fog patches above the coastal line.

Whenever the fog thins out, . . .

. . . we have a great view of the rock formations.

In the morning, the road remains at sea level, the gradient lead . . .

. . . maximally 60 m up and reward us with very beautiful views into the hidden bays.

From Fort Ross, we go uphill on a height of 180 m. Best weather here: Above us blue sky without any clouds.

Below us the fog patches looking like a smoothed cloud cover from above.

As soon as the road falls bellows a height of 100 m, we dive again into the fog patches.

Subsequently, we go up to 180 m: best weather.

The area plunges to the Pacific, the road winds along the rock of the coastal line.

Shortly before Jenner, we go down 175 m to sea level in a steep U-turn.

We cross Russian Gulch Creek and cycle up again on the other side.

The remaining route to Bodega Bay can’t be sugarcoated: It was cold, foggy and rainy. We feel the 1400 m meters in altitude in our legs. Bodega Bay itself seems quite overpriced: Obviously the fact that Alfred Hitchock made his film “The Birds” here in 1963, is still factored in even a century later.