2013/01: Cycling from Vancouver to Bellingham

  Stage 2013/01 [A001]
Vancouver - Blaine - Bellingham
66 mi / 106 km
685 m (garmin etrex)



Cycling from Vancouver to Bellingham. Pacific coast Vancouver - San Francisco on a bicycle

Cycling from Vancouver to San Francisco following the Pacific Coastline.  

Stage from Vancouver to Bellingham crossing Alex Fraser Bridge.

Radtour Vancouver - San Francisco. Startpunkt
Tour start at the International Airport of Vancouver. Thanks to Lufthansa we’ve arrived in Chicago on schedule, a huge praise to united for the connecting flight to Vancouver: hadn’t thought it possible that you would still take us to Vancouver. And after all only with a delay of 5 hours. Great.
Radtour: Vancouver - San Francisco. Bridgeport Trail
From the airport, we followed the Bridgeport Trail east, which deviated from the suggestion by Adventure Cycling.
Radtour Vancouver - San Francisco: Alex Fraser Bridge
Right at the beginning of this-year’s stage, there is a condition-check: via a steep ramp we reach one of the longest cable-stayed bridges ever: the Alex Fraser Bridge.
Radtour Vancouver - San Francisco: Alex Fraser Bridge
Including the two access ramps, the bridge is 2.5 km long and hung with stay cables at two pylons, which are about 160 m high. We enjoy the ride, because the next spectacular bridge with similar dimensions awaits us only about 2000 km further to the south.
Radtour Vancouver - San Francisco: Border crossing
We continue towards Blaine, where they . . .

. . . actually allow us to enter the USA after a long embarrassing interrogation.

In the federal state of Washington we constantly look at the summits of the Cascade Range on the horizon. A first attunement that there will be some cumulative elevation gain to be managed on this year’s tour. Although we only follow the coast.

Some of the many meters in altitude.

Beer of the day: Chuckanut from Bellingham, Washington.